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paintball team pricing

Invest in Your Championship

Registered divisional paintball teams conducting practices at South Tampa’s Paintball Co. can qualify for group discounts. Team pricing is only granted for team practices hosted at South Tampa’s Paintball Co..

Standard entry rates apply to players on a team roster playing for fun, alone, or on a non-practice day. Honesty is the Best Policy 😛

To Qualify for Team Practice Pricing:

  • Must be an Official, Registered D6 to D1 Team

  • Must have participated in a tournament series in the past  90 days

  • Must participate in another tournament series in the next 90 days

  • Must hold team practices at least once per month (Not necessarily at UCP)

  • Must conduct themselves in a manner that fosters the growth of the sport and the field

  • Must submit a Team Roster in advance of the practice day using an Excel Spreadsheet Format like the example below

Example of an Exquisite Team Roster:

paintball team

  • $17 per Registered Player Entry.

  • Proshar Skirmish Ball- Prices to be determined.

  • Proshar Superior Ball- Prices to be determined.

  • Proshar Tournament Paint – Event specific options.

  • Team Guests pay standard entry rates and paint prices

Pad your wallets with our handy-dandy Membership options! Click the blue text and scroll down to view them 😛

STP Team Registration

  • This is the Captain, Leader, or Person of Contact for the entire team.
  • Last Name, First Name, & APPA #'s are Required for Team Practice Pricing

*Pricing is Non-Haggleable.
*Registered teams agree to follow all field rules and understand that team privileges may be suspended or revoked for non-compliance.
*Outside paint is NOT permitted.
*Using outside paint, without permission, will result in removal and disposal at discretion of management.
*Anyone wishing to sell products at the field must have a vendor agreement on file with the field.