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2021 Paintball Summer Camp in Tampa, Florida

Do You Want Your Kids Off the Computer and

Socializing with Real Humans?

Tampa summer camp for kids 2019 Paintball Tampa Florida

Are you Looking for a Safe, Fun Activity for your Kids to

Engage in this Summer?

July 2019 Summer Camps in Tampa, Florida Paintball Camp

Are you Trying to Cultivate New Interests in Your Kids while

Motivating them to Stay Active?

Summer camps in Tampa for kids, confidence building paintball

Beginner, Amateur, and Experienced Players alike,
UCP Cordially Invites You to Attend Our

Paintball Summer Camp

June 7th – June 11th

DAILY HOURS: 9:30AM to 3:30PM

$337 per Child

$307 per Child w/ Own Equipment

$297 per Sibling if more than One Child

*Lunch Provided*

*All Necessary Equipment & Up to 2 Cases of Paint Provided*

Additional paintballs will be available for purchase

Summer camp Tampa, FL Paintball equipment list

Summer Camp Agenda

This schedule is made to be fun, focus on teaching kid’s safety, and how to stay alive during a game. Our coaches will teach kids how to get into strategic positions to control the field and stay in games longer. This ideology helps form a new generation of smart players as opposed to needlessly aggressive ones.

Each day will start off with short, quick exercises: simple lap around a field, followed by a small number of push-ups and jumping jacks. Afterwards, the players will engage in drills and practice that focus on the subject of that particular day:


  • Gun Safety and Maintenance

  • Basic Gun Skills

  • Communication during Game-play

  • Strong Focus on Rules and Safety Reinforcement


  • Learn how to Breakout (where and how to move when buzzer sounds)

  • How to play Bunkers during Game-play

  • Ghosting, Edging, and Laning (paintball jargon during play)

  • How to Interact with Teammates during Game-play


  • Learning how to Run and Gun

  • Learning how to Slide Safely into Bunkers

  • How to Spot Lanes and Avoid them

  • How and When to move between Bunkers


  • Learning Gun Control

  • How to Shoot with both Hands

  • How to Snap Shoot

  • Practicing Running, Gunning, & Sliding with Guns


  • This is the day they’ve all been training for! Tournament day!

  • Players Pick Teams and Play a Tournament

  • Prove and Show-Off Newly Developed Skills

  • Winning Team and Players Receive Prizes

Summer Camp Pricing

  • 337 per Child
  • 297 per Sibling if More than One Child
  • 307 per Child w/Own Equipment

Space Is Limited. Sign Up Now

  • In the event of an Emergency, the Parent will be called first. If we are unable to reach the parent, please provide a secondary contact for our records.

If you don’t hear back from us within 24 hours, your request may be lost in internet space. Please know this isn’t personal and please contact us directly by calling 813-956-2038. Thank you.